Friday, September 23, 2005

Cry, the Beloved Saveur

I'm not resistant to change. One of my personal quirks is loving to take a different route whenever I go to a familiar destination, like the post office or the store.
My dad was a career Navy officer, so it was an entire childhood for me of uprooting every two years, or so, and moving to a new house, a new school, new friends. Fun.
People never know which "me" they're going to see on lunch dates: Hippie Cookiecrumb? Goth Cookiecrumb? How long will her hair be? What color? Is she doing nail polish anymore or was that just a bad experiment? Good shoes or cheapo rubber flipflops? Silly girl.
But yesterday my Saveur magazine arrived in the mail, and I kinda recoiled in horror. It was limp and flimsy, and the typography on the cover was very cluttered and noisy. Clunky, even. I had to check to see if Colman Andrews was still the editor.
It wasn't the same.
A peek inside proved me right. There's been a slight redo, a tweak, after 10 years of very classy design.
(I did see a couple of dishes I'm inspired to make, though. Whew.)


rae said...

what a coincidence that my subscription of aforementioned magazine just ran out!

shuna fish lydon said...

I hear you sister! It looked so strange I had to set it aside. It doesn't help that I have 40# of glossy food magazines to get through...

alas sometimes change is good. For instance: Gourmet and The New Yorker.

cookiecrumb said...

rae: as a "charter subscriber," they keep letting me renew for a really low price, so I keep saying yes. I was horrified to discover my subscription won't run out until 2009.
shuna: Boy, I agree that Gourmet sure got better under Ruth, and (snork) I'm glad Tina left New Yorker.

Brett said...

I haven't yet received my Saveur in the mail. If the pattern continues as usual, I'll get mine in about 2 weeks with the cover torn in half, so I won't notice that they made changes. I hope the inside is as good as usual.

cookiecrumb said...

Brett: Your mail carrier is obviously a cheap foodie who won't get his/her own subscription. Are there food stains on the pages too?
The inside seems OK, though the design changes pervade (bold and cheapish), and it's a really thin issue.

Randi said...

I just started getting that magazine. I found a link to some cheap magazine place. I think I paid 4 bucks for the year. What recipes did you make?

cookiecrumb said...

Four bucks?! Whoa. I'm paying $20.
Anyway, I did try the Russian sauerkraut. It got a little garbagey. Maybe my cellar wasn't cold enough.
I guess I'm more into reading about the food than making it. But I do have a couple of Saveur cookbooks, and I've loved the polenta pie with gorgonzola.
I really, really, want to make most of the recipes I fall in love with. But I seldom do.