Monday, August 29, 2005

Smell Our Dairy Air

(I hope you pronounced that blogpost title out loud.)
We are so lucky to live in Marin County. Which will probably be the theme of my month's-end roundup of this whole Eat Local Challenge.
In today's case, it means a lunch of Cowgirl Creamery Clabbered Cottage Cheese (Marin) spooned onto slices of Sebastopol apples. We augmented the repast with scoops of fresh ricotta from Bellwether and slices of cheese curd from Spring Hill (both in Sonoma).
In lieu of wheat, I'd been thinking of drying apple slices into crisps to sub for crackers, but I just never felt the need to do it, after all these weeks. I may still dry some fruit in the oven, but no emergency.
Anyway, the cheese was yummy on succulent, fresh apple slices.
For supper tonight: Whole-wheat flour tart filled with Cowgirl cheese and caramelized onions. No photo yet.


Jennifer said...

*laugh* I didn't catch it at first. Thanks for making me go back a second time. It was well worth it!

Jennifer Maiser said...

I read this about 2 hours ago and I am still giggling about it.

cookiecrumb said...

Dear Jennifers:

claudia said...

you know. i seem to really like you. very much. so far. but if i had to hate you it would be because you live in marin. what a dream..... it is where i'd go if real estate didn't cost a gazillion dollars. how does anyone live there? is it a myth?


cookiecrumb said...

Claudia: We got in early. Sat on top of a hillside cabin with a spectacular view, watched it grow in value for years... Sold it. $$$$$
Moved to a "less fabulous" Marin town. Still loving it.