Monday, August 22, 2005

Livin' la Vida Locavore

Gumbo tonight. The okra is from Orchard Farms in Sebastopol; the duck is from Grimaud in Stockton (Whole Food wasn't selling Liberty Duck from Sonoma); the andouille sausage was handmade by Haddock for the S.F. Food Bloggers' picnic, and while I don't know if all his ingredients were locally sourced, they certainly could have been, so I'm not asking; the rest of the vegetables are all from Marin County. The flour for the roux is Full Belly Farm whole wheat flour, so it browned up a lot faster than white flour, but it seems to be working (it's still bubbling away as I type); the "grease" was duck fat from Grimaud. Salt (Peninsula); paprika (East Palo Alto). Rice from Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale, which (as the crow flies) is almost exactly 100 miles away.
I know it's not kosher to make gumbo from both a roux and okra, but I always do it that way. Tonight I'm omitting the file powder, since the stuff I have on hand is not local -- although both laurel (bay leaf) and sassafras (a close relative of laurel) do grow in California. I should be out there foraging.
Gotta go stir.

OK, it was good. Yummy. I think there's nothing like a deep brown roux for flavor. What else could I roux up, I wonder?


Jeanne said...

You two are an inspiration for living local with great taste!

cookiecrumb said...

Well, like I said: No day job, so it's easy. But to the extent that we may be an inspiration, rock on! It's proven so tasty and gratifying, we're just going to continue into the future. I think everybody should give it a try.
However, we have been discussing our first meal of September, and it's shaping up to be (urp) probably something ghastly!