Thursday, July 28, 2005

Meet Bean Sprout

Several posts ago I mentioned my doggie, Bean Sprout. I had been planning to put up a picture of him sitting in the quasi-forest of my towering tomato plants, so tall my beloved husband and co-cook calls them "shade tomatoes."
Then I got to bantering with drbiggles over at MeatHenge, and for some inane reason we started talking about dwarves in red costumes. Hence, voila!
Now, the fact that my poor little pooch is dressed in a chili pepper cape is all about 1) food (of course), 2) a legacy of previously loved dogs named Pepper, Chili and Bean Dip, and 3) hey, it's not animal abuse, it was a gift from a good friend. Though he does look a little pissed off. Wouldn't you if you had a green stem poking up from the top of your head?
End of idiotic post.
So let's see, am I mad about anything? Well, no, but I am sorta chuckling over the Judith Miller situation, and silly Arianna's take on it.

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