Saturday, July 23, 2005

Happy Saturday

Things change. That's why this photo is not a tintype. That's why you're seeing it on a computer, rather than on paper. That's why this photo was taken with my new camera, not the old point-n-shoot, nor its two film-based predecessors. Advances in technology, right?
Well, cultural values change too, as do political circumstances. That's why an originalist interpretation of the Constitution is unrealistic. Read a little more about it here.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna go do some interpretation of those tomatoes. What you're seeing is Sungolds, Sweet Millions, and that oblongy one is a Juliet. How's a tomato pie sound? Little sauteed onion, some chopped basil and parsley, sliced tomatoes in a sloppy crust, showered with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano...
Oh, and one technology-based observation: If you get a new camera and you've never inserted the memory card before -- especially if you get a Nikon D70 -- maybe you should ask the store technician to put it in for you. I dinged a pin and had to have it repaired before I even took my first photo.


Greg said...

You got toms already!! In Novato everthing is green so far. A mystery brownage of a few branches also appeared.Last year I gave away bunches.

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, Greg! I planted mine in April, and harvested the first bowlful on July 4th. (I was actually pestering the people at Sloat Gardens well before the little plants even started arriving at the store.)
Try to find some MaxSea fertilizer; it's magic.