Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Green Goopy Sloopy Soup

You're gonna have to take my word on this, because I didn't get a photo, but the other day I actually made a cream-of-vegetable soup that wasn't green. It was a pureed carrot soup with onion, coconut milk, ginger and other yummy flavors. And the week before that I made a deep-red gazpacho with Cherokee Purple tomatoes and beautiful bits of golden bell pepper.
But for the most part, my soups for the past couple of years have been pale green: asparagus, avocado, artichoke (ooh, I love the "A" vegetables).
Today's was inspired by Fran McCullough's recipe from "The Good Fat Cookbook" -- highly recommended, both for its recipes and for its thorough research on lipids. It was a lovely chilled creation of grated cucumbers, a bit of grated onion, melded with buttermilk and a little sour cream, seasoned with a touch of Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and (eek!) a pinch of sugar. In my usual zeal to get the soup as green and velvety as possible, I mooshed a ripe avocado into it. Man, that was a really filling lunch.
Here's something else to nourish you: Go visit Senator Ted Kennedy's Web site and join him in trying to pound some sense into the pitiful cranium of our reality-deprived president. Tasty.


rae said...

speaking of cookbooks, i've tagged you for a five cookbooks meme. hope you don't mind!

cookiecrumb said...

Hi Rae:
Oh, I'm thrilled! This blogging thing -- heh -- fun! Thanks for stopping by again. Now I'm off to visit yours. :)

Pam said...

Omigosh, just learned in reading your post of June 27 (in the archives) that you are the daughter of a Navy pilot who loves to cook. I think we are twins who were separated at birth! :-) I love your writing, by the way, not to mention your politics and most of the foods you write about (so far, I only just began the archives). I live just over the bridge from you in Point Richmond. Maybe we were separated at birth in some Navy hospital 'way back when! Pam

cookiecrumb said...

Pam: Um. Wow. I was born at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. In 19(cough;cough).
Point Richmond, eh? My parents lived in Richmond at the time of my birth.
You must start a blog so I can learn more about you. We have a saying around here: Get your own blog!