Friday, June 24, 2005

Curds and Turds

We've got painters in the kitchen today, so it was catch-as-catch-can for lunch.
Beloved husband and co-cook caught a batch of Cheese Curds from A&W. The best I can say about Cheese Curds from A&W is that they're Wisconsin white cheddar curds, i.e., genuine cheese. The worst I can say is they've been breaded and fried. The mediocre-est I can say is that the cheese itself is pretty tasty -- and it's the real thing: immature cheese lumps that actually squeak when you bite them, even though in this case they're kinda melty and greasy.

We were unable to finish them all, this little box of about four ounces at most. Maybe we'll use the rest as doggie treats. (Oh, you haven't met Bean Sprout yet. Yes, that's his real name. He's a regular circus dog. Probably go nuts for the curds. I expect him to leap over tall buildings at a single bound. More on that later.)
Anyway, I'd like to invite Karl Rove to visit his local A&W for a batch of fried cheese curds. With any luck, his mouth will glue shut and we won't have to hear the likes of his lies ever again.
Wish, wish.

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