Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rats, no more crackers

Posted by: horsecow
Rats, no more crackers
They would have been good with this soup I made for lunch today: Steamed asparagus, sauteed onions, some veggie broth, herbs from the garden, and a ripe avocado -- pureed and topped with a drizzle of sour cream and the reserved asparagus tips.
We ate the soup at lukewarm temperature, and it was velvety goodness. Might have made a good picnic item if we were, I don't know, obliviously *bicycling* in a Maryland park while the Capitol was being evacuated! Hello, anybody in charge here?
My husband thinks the reason the bicycler-in-chief was not notified of the red alert was maybe because he was in the bushes getting a BJ and his handlers didn't know how to interrupt.
Still, the soup was yummy. I think I just wrecked my appetite.

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