Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Was It Paella?

It looked like paella. It tasted like paella. As far as I'm concerned, that makes it paella.
But Cranky concocted it without a recipe, because he can. He took liberties. There were no shrimp or chicken in this dish, only Merguez sausage for protein.
He forgot the garlic and the bay leaves.
But he jazzed it up plenty with lemon and orange zest. Onion, chopped poblano pepper and some dandy olives that rehydrated into a luscious state. Also chicken broth, and fake Mexican "saffron."
If you were expecting Spanishness reminiscent of your college romp through Europe, you might be disappointed. If you were all narrow minded and unexplorey.
If, on the other hand, what you wanted was a zesty, macho lunch that whispered serenades while you chewed, you were in luck.
Why not? When paella was "invented," it came with frog legs and snails. Things have changed.
I was in luck.


Alice Q. Foodie said...

unexplorey should totally be a word. Sounds like a delicious meal!

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

YUM! (I'm speechless with exploriness)

meathenge said...

Where'd ya get the merquez?


tammy said...

You wouldn't get any complaints from me!

peter said...


Heather said...

I want macho lunch that serenades me! Why won't a turkey sammich do that? Sigh.

Greg said...

Olives with rice who would have thought. I had similar at Sol food in San Rafael it was superb. It is near my lunch hour at work and you are making me so hungry!

cookiecrumb said...

Alice Q: It is hereby a word, then! I declare with word anointiness.

Anita: There's a great freedom that comes from not trying to do something authentically.

Biggles: Oh. You'd have hated the paella, because it wasn't authentic. But the merguez was from Fatted Calf. (We went to Napa yesterday.)

Tammy: Come on over... wait. We ate it all.

Peter: How the hell do you get strange characters in comments? ¡Olé!
(I just copied and pasted yours.)

Heather: Oh, I've heard delicious crooning at times, a day or two after Thanksgiving. Maybe it was coming from me, come to think of it.

Greg: Olives with rice is superb, and better if you remember the garlic!

meathenge said...

Yeah, well I've had authentic paella and it tastes like a mouth full of rice. Pleah.


cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: I love rice.

Barbara said...

well it could be a risotto.

cookiecrumb said...

Barbara: Hm. I'd have to say arroz. Can we invent a word? Arrozotto.

michael, claudia and sierra said...

cookie - listen to me here. i think you need to consider using some orange zest in your kitchen, ok?
you heard it here first and now you owe me.

paella is on my list of things to make soon. that and a mole as in not the animal but the mexican sauce. and rabbit and i see you just did that too. so stop copying what's in my brain before i sue you.