Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Meme is Dead, Long Live the Meme

Remember, two or three years ago, when you'd get tagged for a meme at least once a week?
Sometimes it was distracting. You'd be all involved with some subject that totally consumes you as you consume it, say orange zest. Heh. And then a blog pal would barge in and say, "Tag, you're it!"
You'd drop everything and take pictures of the inside of your refrigerator. Or you'd name a handful of meaningful cookbooks. Maybe tell who most influenced your cooking. Like that.
Everyone was doing it, and we all got to look inside each other's refrigerators.
Well, it kind of died off. I suspect we got tired of looking up URLs in order to tag new people. Or hated bothering them with these reindeer games. I know back then, some people I tagged never responded.
But, wow, I was tagged the other day. It's no longer called a meme, and for that reason I will participate. I'm messing with the rules, though. Five facts about yourself? Whattabore. How about Five Sordid Facts?

KristiB from The Global Kitchen tagged me.

The rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names, linking to them.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

five sordid facts
1. I don't shower every day. I do keep my hands clean, though.

2. We don't have a 20-second rule at our house. If something's been in the trash for 10 minutes and I think of a use for it, out it comes. No apologies.

3. I love chick flicks. Not dumb ones. Good ones. Funny ones. (Oh, and I adore Will Ferrell. That's sordid.)

4. I haven't been in an airplane since before 9/11. Haven't had a need to, simply (though it might be nice to go to Fiji if someone would look after Bean Sprout).

5. One of these days I will modernize my wardrobe. Maybe not.
That was fun. Well, perhaps not for you.
Now I must bother the following people. You don't have to tell us five sordid facts; just the facts, ma'am. And if you don't want to play, don't even bother.

Peter at Cookblog hasn't been in business long enough to have grown weary or wary of memes. Tag, Peter.
Ditto for Zoomie at Zoomie Station. I know her, and she'll have a lot to share. You're it, Zooms.
I'm crazy about Claudia at cook eat FRET (although I'm not sure if you're supposed to know her name, so pretend I'm Will Smith in Men in Black and I just flashed you with the flashy thing). Tag, um, whatsyourname.
El at Fast Grow the Weeds is a goddess to me. She grows almost everything she and her family eats. She may be too busy knocking snow off the hoophouses to let light in for the seedlings just now. But. She's it. She's really it.
I'd tag the salty Heather at Gild the Voodoolily, but my tagger already tagged 'er. So I'll leave my list of taggees at four.
Have fun, kids.


ChrisB said...

Me me me... I'll volunteer to come and look after Bean Sprout!

cookiecrumb said...

ChrisB: OK. Done.
Bring EmBee and we'll just do a house swap. I could forgo Fiji for a romp in England. (Tell me what to feed the tortoises.)

Heather said...

They're still called memes. I still hate them. But thank you for thinking of me! I was gonna tag you with the E is For Excellent one but I decided I'm letting these die.

peter said...

You misunderestimate my fear and wariness toward all things new and different; just because my blog is only 2 years old doesn't mean I'm not living in perpetual terror and suspicion as is my Patriotic Duty®.

I fear that your "meme"- whatever that is- (is it like a Zune™? Or something French, like a mime?) is some sneaky pinko way of getting me to give up personal information so I can be identity defrauded by terrorists and/or immigrants and I WANT NO PART OF IT.

Have you no shred of Human Decency©?

PS Mmmmmm... shredded decency...

cookiecrumb said...


Sheesh, I'm too nice. I get tagged, I play.

Katie said...

I read these to my husband and we shrugged at the first two. :0)

We have a rule that if nothing gets on a plate but crumbs, it gets wiped off with a (clean) hand and thrown back into the cupboard.


Anna Haight said...

I've been known to dog sit... :-)

Catherine said...

LOL! As a mom, #2 is pretty darn amusing. #4 - same for me, but kids are the reason. I'm thinking about England this summer though.

Take it easy, C.

Anonymous said...

Ah, CC: I don't know what is in the air, but I think I have been hit with 5 memes this last month...and I helped kill 3 of them by not answering them. (I hear the Smurfs are coming back, too: maybe the life of blog memes is just 2 years and not 20?) However, I will gladly play along though because I like the sordid nature of your revelations, but yes, what Peter says, x2.

Zoomie said...

My first meme! I'll play! Sort of like the confessional of my youth, only no priest to give you penance! :-)

Beccy said...

Sordid facts are much more fun.

Wouldn't you rather have a house swap in Ireland?...I have a goldfish if you're looking for a house with pets!

michael, claudia and sierra said...

fired? did you say FIRED?


ok - i am relieved...

but 1-3 on yours are mine too.

4. if you lived in nashville not freakin paradise - you'd fly too.

5. i'm a nyc jew. questions?

cookiecrumb said...

Katie: Ah, oui! And I will add your crumb rule to my list, merci.

Anna: I'm takin' names!

Catherine: Wow, we should form a club. But we'd have to kick you out this summer. :D

El: Only play if it's fun for you. I can't believe how many bloggers have responded to this current meme, as if we're weary of coming up with ideas on our own.

Zoomie: The first one is always free, kid. Then you're hooked. :)

Beccy: Wow, goldfish-sitting. That can't be too hard! I'm thinking about it.

ceF: You are hereby relieved of your obligations. Thanks, that was cute. Can we go clothes shopping?

michael, claudia and sierra said...

if you ever were to go clothes shopping and if you ever needed to take someone along - i am your best choice. i have an impeccable eye for what works on people. i've dressed countless friends for years.

boy am i awesome or what?

cookiecrumb said...

You are seriously flirting, Claudia.

ZM said...

CC. Okay, I can live with the garbage can thing, but Will Ferrell? Oh, no.

And Claudia, I miss Loehmann's! A friend hauled me to Filene's Basement a couple of weeks ago, and I got all nostalgic. If the price tag isn't dated, then how do you know if you have a deal?