Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sometimes a Recipe Is Just Not Needed

Ohmygod, are we getting our Five A Day!
There's so much edible vegetation ripening in the yard, we find ourselves having to dutifully munch and munch. We haven't had to throw away a single thing yet. It's all getting consumed.
It's to the point that we're reluctant to buy "store" food. Even farmers market food is now designated "store-bought food."
That kinda limits my intake of proteins (but I don't think I'm allowed to raise goats or hens in my neighborhood). Which is stupid and wrong, so, yes, we're still buying cheese and meat and eggs and stuff.
Gosh, we've even bought produce, because it's the kind we aren't growing at home. But then we have to ingeniously incorporate it into the yard diet.
Take yesterday's salad. Yard lettuce, yard arugula, everything else bought. Because the beets and carrots needed using. (Beets: roasted. Carrots: thinly sliced and sauteed hard. Some toasted walnuts. A little blue cheese. Some un-fiddly dressing, any kind you like.)


Dagny said...

So were the carrots crunchy? Because I like them with some crunch. Unless they're going into soup.

And now that things are kind of clean again (Funny how quickly things go when you spend a week on the couch.), perhaps I will try a salad tonight.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Not crunchy. Burny, almost. Frazzled. Sweet. Try it for a complete difference.
Glad you're off the couch! Happy crunching.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

Are you sure about no chickens? They're legal in the city. If we had the space, I'd have one of these in a hot second:

We had neighbors with gorgeous heirloom hens when we lived in Seattle. What a sight they were.

Barbara said...

Enough Cookiecrumb. I'm so tired of winter veggies.

Lindsay Blau Portnoy said...

It's great that you are eating so very locally. We have been trying to do that as well, as well as incorporate leftovers and the abundance of veggies into any and everything. (Any creative suggestions are welcome, as well as how to freeze these goodies for winter eating)
Great site, glad I stumbled in!

El said...

See? See what I mean? Now when are you chopping up the rest of that grass so you never have to buy another veg?

You should investigate the owning-chix thing. The only time ours make noise is when they make their funny egg-passing whoops.

I am so swimming in eggs right now I am just in heaven. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just went to the coop and found my 7th egg of the day. Byooteeful, eggedy eggs.

Zoomie said...

Man, that looks tasty! A few pear chunks added might make it even better, since I know you're trying to eat up all the pears, too!

Katie Zeller said...

Been there, doing that!
I find myself making bizarre combinations: green and yellow beans, green and yellow courgette, green onions, tomatoes, all sauteed together for dinner with a side of cucumber salad.
Oh yeah, and a pork chop...maybe.
Wish I would have planted potatoes...or rice...

cookiecrumb said...

Anita: Would you really raise chickens? Would your doggies behave? Not so sure if mine would, but he's smaller than a bantam... Hm. Maybe I'll look into it. I remember having dinner with a Potrero Hill dweller who raised chickens. Cool.

Barbara: I keep forgetting! Sorry! Will I get your pity next December when it's all squash and chard here? xx

CLCG: (Cool moniker.) It's the zeitgeist. We're just local homebodies doing our best for the planet, and we get to eat the bounty. Selah.

El: I know! Eeee! I'm nearly ruint. But: I don't think Motel 6 takes chickens. How do I go on vacation with a chicken in the yard? Major jealous of your eggedy eggs. Mm.
Further: If Daily Kos can host an annual convention/meet-up, why can't we food bloggers congregate and meet?

Zoomie: That might have worked. I'm still so gun-shy around the pears, I don't really know what to do with them. But I have a FEW years to figger it out! :D

Katie: We can plant pork chops?

Anonymous said...

Actually, you might be surprised how much protein is in spinach.

Eat up!

cookiecrumb said...

KathyF: Protein in there? Awesome. Thanks for the education.