Friday, December 22, 2006

Mac Daddy

Is this thing on?
Anybody out there?
If you're not all over the river and through the woods, holed up at your relatives' house or squirreled away at some divine, snowy resort, you are invited to play with your food.
Next year.
Right now it's full-tilt holiday dining: rich, rare, fabulous foods.
But as soon as the last crystal goblet is cleared away, the serving platters stored for the season, the "real" cloth napkins washed and folded, you're going to want to take it easy.
So take it easy with me and Kevin.
Over at Seriously Good, Kev is throwing down the gauntlet. Mac 'n' Cheese. Have it your way, but have it. And post about it on Jan. 5.
It's not a contest. It's a lifestyle choice.


Unknown said...

Oh, good idea! I want to play with Mac and Cheese too! I got my blue and white lion shaped pasta ready to go to celebrate PennState Univ! Go Nittany Lions!

cookiecrumb said...

OMG!!! You're raising the bar already, and I haven't even gotten started.
One suggestion -- blue cheese?

Kevin said...

"It's not a contest. It's a lifestyle choice."

Damned straight!

Anonymous said...

I'm out here. (And I'm out there, too.)

Macaroni and cheese, huh? Well, there's an idea.

Merry Christmas, Cookie and Cranky (or "Cwanky," as Logan would say) dahlink, and I hope you're a little less mad since the elections (and during the holidays, which admittedly can make anyone grumpy).

Carter Lusher said...

I am so into a mac & cheese challenge! Misti thinks it's one of the four basic food groups, so she thinks I have neglected her all these years by not making her homemade mac & cheese.

BTW, I put a link to this post on Food Notebook's new media roundup.

Maybe we can get a lot of foodies on this.

Here is wishing you a fun and relaxing holiday season full of good food and wine.

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: Woo-hoo! This thing is going to be BIG, I tell you!

Hi Tana: Lovely seasonal blessings to you too. I'm beyond mad, dolling: I'm *appalled*!! But I'll be just fine for the holidays. :-)

Carter: Hey, thanks for the linky! I'll have to go check it out. I can't believe you don't make homemade M&C! Get crackin'.

sher said...

OK--any excuse to make Mac & cheese is fine with me!!!! Food of the gods, as far as I'm concerned!

cookiecrumb said...

Sherry: OK, climb aboard the mac 'n' cheese juggernaut! I've got FOUR recipe ideas. Is that cheating?

Stacie said...

ok, yeah, I'll be there on Jan 5th! Cheese it is! Just the idea that I will be joined in cheesy goodness with like-minded cheese seekers, all whipping it up on 1/5... too good to be true...

Guy said...

Count me in, I hope!

Love the macky.


TasteTV said...

We should post a photo of how our mac and cheese came out for Xmas dinner. Tasted great, looked a bit unorthodox

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie, Biggles: Fire up the spaghetti pot. This is shaping up to be a fun one.

Taste TV: I just taste-tested three recipes today (and took pictures). Three words: OMG!!!
So, was your Christmas dinner Southern-ish in tradition?
I think I could sleep in macaroni and cheese.

Geo said...

My first time here . . . but I'm on!

cookiecrumb said...

Yo, Geo: It's a revolution.
See you on the 5th.