Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How to Cook Beans, A Simple Recipe

1) Make friends with Dr. Biggles.
2) I mean really good friends. Food-swappin' friends.
3) See if you can drop by Meathenge Labs on a smoking day. You'll know you're getting close to his house from the little twitch your nose starts making when you're still a few blocks out.
4) It would be ideal if Biggles is smoking these crazy pork rib-thingies with the strange gizmo-shaped bones. And that dry spice rub? Oh yeah.
5) Take home the bones. You already ate the meat.
6) Brew the bones in some water with herbs. Take deep, appreciative breaths (it's cleansing; think "om").
7) Watch the water turn dark and murky and idiotically smoky (this picture was taken at about the 5-minute stage; more transmogrifications were yet to come).
8) Cook some dried white beans in this water. C'mon, ya moron, you know how to do that. A little salt and pepper. Don't add anything tomato-ish until the beans are tender. I tossed in a couple of diced carrots, a little chopped chard, a sploosh of olive oil. Didn't need any onions.
9) Pull out those crazy gizmo bones and see if any little bits of meat want to be scraped back into the pot. I got lucky.
10) Gosh, I hope I get to try this simple recipe again.


Dagny said...

Mmmm. Sounds like autumn.

cookiecrumb said...

You want autumn? Oh, I got one for you, Dag. Tomorrow.
BTW, your beef bourguignon looks fabboo.

Stacie said...

I've been cooking up lots of beans lately too. I love Rick Bayless, and he's got some great tips on beans. I have been cooking them by the 2 pound batch, and then freezing the leftovers. Almost as quick as opening a can... but sooo freaking yummy! Beans!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh. What are the pork rib thingies?? Nothing like smoked pig to flavor beans (and many other things). I envy you. Would you believe that I scored a prosciutto bone from a Bleecker St. butcher when I was accepted into the neighborhood (once they all saw my husband was Italian)? Damn. Never again, but that was enough for dreams forever....Meanwhile ham hocks rule, far as I'm concerned -- and I am. We'll go into cracklings at another time. It's fall and that's when you make 'em.

Anonymous said...

PS Before everybody jumps in, I know that prosciutto isn't smoked, but one tantalizing porcine hit led to another.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: I'll find out about the rib thingies. Very architectural. But you know... it's raining outside, and beans is just right. (Oh, I too am the greatest fan of hamhocks. Safeway!) I do want to hear about cracklings.

Anonymous said...


thanks....this was just what I was looking for.....i am soooo bookmarking your blog.

i don't usually comment, i'm more of a lurker....what's come over me?

Gustad said...

not going to tell us what to do with them?

cookiecrumb said...

RTC: Hi! How nice of you to emerge.

Gustad: Well... We *ate* them. Big bowl o' beans. Yum.

Cyndi said...

DH just started the first fire (in our fireplace) of the autumn. The down comforters are on the beds, and we finally feel like eating soup again. Yours looks sooo good. It's raining up there? Not down here. Yet.

shuna fish lydon said...

Dr. Biggles is My Meat Angel.

cookiecrumb said...

Cyndi: Yeah, we got rain already! Yikes. And the down comforter is on the bed. We were going to do a fire yesterday, but baseball was on TV upstairs, heh. I'm actually glad it's fall; it's good for my appetite. Enjoy your soup.

Shuna: He's crazy about you too.

KathyF said...

I just read yesterday that 4 servings of beans lowers the risk of cancer.

But you know what raises it back up again...those rib thingies. Especially when they're smoked.

KathyF said...

I meant to say "4 servings a week".

cookiecrumb said...

KathyF: I could eat four servings of beans a day. Cranky and I are real beany that way. But, yeah. I forgot about the poison in smoke. Good thing I only do that about once a year. Did I redeem myself with the sweet potato pancake? :-)

Guy said...

Eeek! Where have I been? Oh yeah, my head buried in work and no real computer at home. Thanks for the kind words and happy times. I'll be back soon, me hopes.

Ordered my first pair of bifocals today.


cookiecrumb said...

Thanks to you, Biggles! Kudzu wants to know what those funny bones came from. Ones looked like bi-propellors.
(Heh, bifocals.)