Friday, August 25, 2006

Weekend Clog Blogging

Careful readers may have noticed that a lot of the food Chez Cookie- crumb is prepared by Cranky. Especially the short-order stuff; he's really fast and efficient.
Cranky used to work as a Salad and Sandwich Man in a hotel restaurant. (He brags that he was paid rather well for his services in that particular economy: $5/hr. And considering that the federal minimum wage then was $2/hr., he was.)
Cranky isn't as enamored of slow cooking: stewing, baking, roasting... though he's very handy with the all-day water smoker as long as you ration his access to wood chunks.
So standing on his tired old feet in the kitchen for hours at a time is not a huge issue. (And in case you didn't know, smoking ribs all day requires a lot of sitting in lounge chairs, with bottles of Budweiser, and not too much standing.)
Even so, today Cranky is test-driving a pair of soothing, cheffy clogs.
I don't think he's laboring under any self-delusion. He doesn't own a white jacket or black-and-white-checked blousy trousers that I know of — although he was required to wear them at the hotel restaurant in those pre-rock-god-status days. I'm certain there's no toque on his hat rack; that's a firing offense in our pre-nup.
But he's clogging around on the carpet, indoors. If these nifty shoes pass the toe-cramp index (about four hours should be enough time to find out), he's gonna keep them.
By the way, Cranky: Mario has dibs on the orange clogs. Don't even think about it.


Greg said...

I have a pair of Dansko clogs. Very comfortable. They make you at least two inches taller. The only problem for me is walking up and down the stairs to the patio. I dunno..maybe a fear of heights?

cookiecrumb said...

Don't you also have Crocs? (You and Mario! Sheesh.)
I recently developed a sense of sure-footedness in my Dansko clogs; I don't know why for certain. Perhaps I'm feeling grounded?

Jamie said...

Those look comfy.

I found a pair of Danskos in a thrift store for $5, but they were half a size too small. *pout*

cookiecrumb said...

Jamie, you are the queen of thrift. But yeah, *pout*.

Dagny said...

Clogs have to be about the most comfortable shoes ever made.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the comfort. My day job is as a Respiratory Therapist and when I first went into the hospital I thought my feet were going to mutiny from my body. I immediately bought two pairs of shoes: a $160 pair of Nike Shocs and a $40 pair of Crocs. Guess which ones sit in the closet? I refuse to wear anything but Crocs. They're like having Chef's mats wrapped around your feet all day. I can come home and actually walk after being on my feet all day.

cookiecrumb said...

Glenna: I've come to hate my Nikes (and they're fitted with a fused-in custom orthotic insole). They smell bad.
Only $40 for Crocs? I'm goin' shopping! Thanks.