Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day

Blog Day is almost over, but I've become a delinquent poster, so sometime around four or five on most days, you'll run into my latest thoughts.
OK, it's 4:49. Hurry.
Blog Day is an opportunity for us to introduce our regular readers to other bloggers, folks that might lie outside our normal milieu.
Some of my choices for today are into food, and I've learned about every one of them because they've taken the trouble to drop by I'm Mad and I Eat and leave comments.
But, oh, the new perspectives they can bring you. I'm not going to try to describe the blogs here individually, because you might decide you don't wan't to visit a blog about — er, see, it would be mad for me to describe them, because you might decide you... Ooh, infinite regression.
Go! Visit! Enjoy.
May I introduce:


Sam said...

yay you featured my buddy mike. i was almost going to do him too, but I didn't in the end, so I'm glad you did. If he stops by, please tell him I haven't seen him in WAY TOO LONG!

Moonbear said...

Ooooo! Thanks Cookie Crumb! I am definitely a delinquent blogger. Havent blogged lately at all but have enjoyed yours. Vodka pickles? I nevah hoida such a thing.
I am up to my --- in squash, beans and chard, and have made some nice compotes lately.

Civic Center said...

You just made my day, Cookiecrumb. I think I'll put up another post about Brian Barneclo's Food Chain mural tonight just for you.

Please, let us eat together, and with Sam and Fred and Cranky too. (I feel like I'm at the end of "The Wizard of Oz.")