Sunday, April 30, 2006

La Vida Local

Oh, look over there to the right. Yep, I have a new button in my sidebar. I had a hell of a time installing it, so it's making all my blogroll act weird; I'm still working on it.
But! You can click on the button, or you can click here.
You'll be taken to a new group blog detailing the nitty-gritty of a dedicated bunch of people all around the country (and maybe beyond; there are more than 20 of us at that group blog, and about 700 others who have taken the pledge, so I haven't fully investigated) who are stepping up to the Eat Local Challenge this year. It begins tomorrow.
There are loads of tips and other information there if you care to go read, and maybe even participate.
Thanks to Jen Maiser of Life Begins at Thirty for launching the new blog. Oy, what a nightmare it's been to get it going, but hey, that's the 20th Century for ya.
Wait! This is the 21st Century!
OK, let's go get modern by returning to our roots.

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