Thursday, August 18, 2005

Staying the Course

That course would be lunch, of course.
And it was all local. I actually think there's a health benefit to the local diet. Less snooziness. Less bloating. And naturally, all that flavor.
The combination of McEvoy's flowery olive oil with the fresh patio tomatoes was magic in the mouth. Add Vella dry Jack cheese, some radishes from Tomales, Kitchen Line vinegar (only a drib) and some salt. We've bypassed the need for black pepper by using radishes, or in other dishes, chile flakes, or radish leaves.
This is fun.


Sam said...

Cookie Crumb - you really ARE mad and you really DO eat.
your blog couldn't have a better title.

You are so much more worthy at this challenge than i am.
the salt story was the best ever.
And now radishes for pepper.
you two are simply the best!

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, but don't forget the pizza the night before! :D

Sam said...

i've had more than one of those pizzas this month, remember!

Rozanne said...

Everything you post just looks so delectable. Why do I always wander over to your blog just about lunchtime, I wonder?

You are really hardcore about the local thing. Good for you.

cookiecrumb said...

Gee, thanks Rozanne. I do have to trash a lot of photos in the process...

Anonymous said...

I love radishes -- it's a cultural requirement of being Persian, I think.

I love 'em on a Acme pain epi with butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. Mmmm... good.

(But, I guess the bread wouldn't be considered local, would it?)

cookiecrumb said...

Fatemeh: But, but... isn't that trés French? I like radishes that way too. My mom tells of her half-French papa buttering radishes and popping them into his mouth.
So: What's a Persian use of radishes?