Sunday, August 07, 2005

Is That a Burrito in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Giving Up?

Confession time. First of all, thanks to all the visitors who have laughed and cheered me on this week. And when I say I'm really enjoying this eating project, I mean it.
It's just that I woke up a little shaky today. Low on energy. Craving fruit.
The only fruit I've had all week was a small dish of foraged blackberries, and some of them were so sour I got a tummy ache.
I think there's a plum tree up the road a bit with branches hanging over the public sidewalk... But I wasn't sure I could drag myself there on foot, feeling the way I did, and maybe the low-hanging ones would have already been picked.
So at our visit (oh god, we drove!) to the farmers' market this morning (radishes, onions, zucchini from Star Route Farms in Marin), I broke down and bought apples from Sebastopol. And ate one. Weak, and tempted by the serpent of hypoglycemia, I was cast out of the garden.
Yep, I'm prematurely in another county (but, hey: the apple farm is less than 45 miles away). Our self-imposed Marin-only diet ended one day early.
What's worse, it triggered a near-fatal burrito deficiency in Beloved Husband and Co-Cook for some reason. (I guess once you start cheating -- well, gateway drug to the hard stuff, right?)
So, yeah. He had a carne asada-bean bomb from the nearby taqueria.
And I ate the corn chips.
I hang my head in shame.


Jennifer Maiser said...

cookiecrumb - you did a great job and were the talk of the challenge! i hope that you ate that apple with pride. :)

I had an interesting day as I went to a MALT tour of a couple of Marin Farms. (Dave Little's Potatoes, Marin Sun Farms, and Sartori Strawberries). One thing I heard that was so interesting was that the tribes that originally settled in Marin were very close to each other - more than nine in the Pt Reyes area - and they never even talked to each other -- because there was no need. There was such abundance in each individual foodshed that all their needs were met. You live in such a great county!


cookiecrumb said...

Wait!!! There are Marin strawberries? I needn't have cheated!
I will look them up. (What a great field trip you had today. Jealous.)
Jen, thanks So Much for the publicity on my blog. Still pluggin' away here for the rest of August. And, BTW, I even considered whacking down pinecones this week for the pine nuts...

Jennifer Maiser said...

As far as I know, he is the only one in the area who does strawberries ... seascape varietal and he does them about 1 mile inland from Tomales.

He goes to five markets: Civic Center x 2, Fairfax, Novato, and Pt Reyes (? I think that's the 5th). Great berries.

Here's more info

cookiecrumb said...

Thank you! Shoot, Civic Center? I just walk by the strawberries there, thinking they're from Santa Maria or San Diego. Thanks again! (Lesson learned: Ask!)