Friday, July 29, 2005

Tomato Glut

I didn't really think six plants would be too many (and I still don't), but I'm resorting to cooking some of my babies. I suppose giving extras to the neighbors might be a nice thing to do, but (wait, do you even know me? nice?).
Lisa at Miz Untitled is dealing with the harvest from her 20 (!) plants by roasting them for the freezer. How selfish of her! I'm going to do the same thing.
This casserole contains cut-up, oiled-up tomatoes of all six varieties from my vines, just about to pop into the oven. I'll show you "after" pictures -- uh -- after. Those green areas are not so much underripe (though I may have picked one that wasn't quite ready); it's that the Black Prince and Black Krim varieties have what they call "green shoulders."
Meanwhile, Senator Frist has reversed himself on the stem cell issue, and a buncha folks over at The News Blog (you know: Gilliard; scroll down) are trying to guess what changed his mind. Well, I'm no doctor, but I'm guessing that Dr. Bill watched a video of himself and decided the trial balloon his eyes seemed to be following was a lead balloon. Not wishing his presidential ambitions to remain in a persistent vegetative state, he pulled the plug on the fundamentalists. Whatever. Thanks, Senator.


Lisa B-K/Jim K said...

God, those are beautiful.

I'm going to do more tonight... mixing some orange in with the reds.

Thx for the link.


cookiecrumb said...

Don't you love those really dark ones? My house smells so good now.
I'm taking them out of the oven a lot sooner than you are; leaving some juice in the pan. Unfortunately, the "after" photo is just going to be reddish sludge. :)
Somebody's gonna have to restrain me from drinking it tomorrow for breakfast with my toast!

rae said...

you are so lucky you have enough space and enough sun to grow tomatoes. it's ironic, my dream as a young child was to grow up to be a - gasp - farmer. now i'm lucky if i can find enough space and dirt to plug my shower drain...

keep up the mouthwatering pics for us who are garden deprived!

Monkey Gland said...

I love your posts. Tomatoes and stem cells. News and Food, my two most guilty pleasures.

cookiecrumb said...

Someone needs to do an analysis: Don't you think tomatoes and stem cells keep us alive and well; hence the dual topics in a single post?