Sunday, July 31, 2005

Last Supper

July 31. What to eat, before beginning the local challenge? Put another way, what would I miss for a whole month?
I couldn't get the thought of crisp fried masa harina out of my mouth -- er, head. So I headed for Taqueria Bahia in San Rafael for a final tostada: carne asada, some refritos, a small-enough mound of shredded iceberg, perfect dollops of sour cream and guacamole, the whole sumptuous pile showered with salsa cruda. I can't even remember if there was any cheese on it; I think not.
I ate as fast as I could so I'd get more of it in me before the appestat went ding-ding-ding! (I tend to fill up easily.) Urp. One beer, and I was SATED.
Not sure if it's going to last a whole month, though.
But, golly-gosh. I've got some major ideas for August.
For the first week, we've pledged to eat strictly from Marin County. You realize that means no commercial salt or black pepper. No dried beans (that I know of). No corn, unless I steal some from the local elementary school's educational garden (and they're not back in class for another month -- would they even miss it?).
Oh, this is going to be interesting.
In other news: The president finally dropped in on that Boy Scout jamboree (the one that the Pentagon donates use of Fort A.P. Hill for -- to the tune of a $7 million cost to taxpayers this year). My god, does our Troop-Leader-in-Chief not know how to speak to a crowd that isn't dressed in uniform?


Monkey Gland said...

Good Luck cookie! If I tried to eat local for a month I'd have to live on jellied eels and mystery meat kebabs. Not a pretty thought.

cookiecrumb said...

[Homer Simpson voice]: Mm, jellied eels!