Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Meme?

Food blogging is like an alimentary canal. Stuff goes in, and stuff goes out.
Last year, it seems we couldn't meme enough. Until a certain point of meme exhaustion set in, and we all sort of "forgot" to respond to being tagged for new memes.
Then, apparently, we got hungry again. Melissa at Traveler's Lunchbox kickstarted our appetites with her "Five Things to Eat Before You Die" meme.
I was salivating. I didn't even think I would wait to be tagged before blurting my own list, but happily, Monkey Gland at Jam Faced and Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen both tagged me.
My only problem is that I can't imagine there are even five food bloggers left who haven't been invited to play, but I'll do what I can.
Anyway. Does "Five Things to Eat Before You Die" mean food you'd want served to you on your deathbed? I hope not, because not all of my choices are sickroom meals. They are challenging. Not everyday food, but definitely items I truly intend to stuff in my mouth (again) before it's too late. While the going's good, you know what I'm saying?

1) Difficult Flavors. Sea urchin — a concentrated, insanely pure taste of the ocean. Imported licorice — dark, nasty, sweet, minty, salty (and don't settle for cheap-o vines, no sir). Truffle — kind of obvious, but I will never not want that volatile, gaseous, dank odor and flavor in my mouth.
2) Difficult Textures. Jellyfish tentacles (I was served some in Japan, and I honestly didn't know what I was eating, but boy. Wow. Crackly, crunchy, noodly...) Tripe — I'm too old to admit I've only tried tripe once, but it's... so soft! Ooh. Tree ear fungus — just like jellyfish tentacles, but vegetarian! Pig ear — it's on my "to-do" list.
3) Wild food. A tomato I grew myself; a squirrel my brother shot (true story, and my mom gamely — pun — skinned it and stewed it); pickleweed I pulled from the marshes down the road; rosemary from the hedge, even.
4) Comfort food. I can't go off this mortal coil without a buttery scrambled egg. A bowl of creamy, goopy mushroom soup. A faceful of cottage cheese. (Are we seeing a dairy theme here? Yes, I like white food.)
5) OK, this is my deathbed wish. A glass of Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise. A cold, sweet drink of rosebuds.

All righty (and forgive me if you've already been tagged):
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Anonymous said...

That is funny Cookie Crumb! All the food items that are in your "different textures" category are foods that I eat on a regular basis! As for the licorice, I once ate a licorice candy imported from the Netherlands that was so concentrated, that I tasted licorice for the next two days. Eek. Now, I hate licorice.

cookiecrumb said...

PE! How cool that you are the first to check in. I was literally going to go and steal quotes from your Las Vegas dinner of "texture" foods -- so well described.

Kalyn Denny said...

Interesting list. I'm not sure I can do the difficult texture; I don't even like water chestnuts, too squeaky on my teeth. But your other things sound good.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list!

shuna fish lydon said...

Goddamn Woman but your titles are on quite a roll! I love them. Must be the newsprint in your veins.

Tea said...

Wow, I just keep reading your descriptions over and over again.

Forget the flavors, your words are delicious!

Mary Ladd said...

You make it all sound so interesting and good!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you are the best. And yes, it's hot in here.

: D

cookiecrumb said...

See, Kalyn. We're here to teach, to dare, to urge. What fun.

Ivonne: Thanks. I was a little unsure where to go with it.

Shuna: Some days I've got it. Some days, sadly no. So thanks! Thanks!

Tea: Aw! Oh! Ooh. Drool. Needed that.

Mary: It's all about challenging your mouth, right?

Tana: Hot! xx